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I help cyclists of all ages and abilities improve their comfort and performance on the bike by leading cycling specific pilates classes with a focus on strength and flexibility. 

"I came to pilates to improve my cycling and general fitness.  I wanted to ensure I was using the correct muscles effectively.  I generally feel more comfortable and more enthusiastic to keep cycling.  I feel more confident on the bike and have seen a general improvement in physical fitness across several activities including ski-ing.  I enjoyed all the sessions and the use of different equipment.  The electronic exercise programme for the classes I couldn’t attend helps to back up the exercise sessions."        

Jacquie Clarke  recreational cyclist


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I help pregnant women who are unsure about exercise improve their fitness and prepare for birth by leading safe and effective pilates classes. 


"I came to pilates because of poor posture and lower back pain.  I wanted to improve my flexibility and prevent any lower back getting worse.  I also wanted to prevent any pains in the pelvis and work on some cardiovascular.  Since doing pilates my lower back pain has improved.  I found the classes very useful.  It was good to get feedback on positions of limbs during exercises and how to improve this.  Great instructor with very varied exercises.  Every session is different and interesting.  I now feel energized and more flexible.  I feel better in myself, stronger and more relaxed."

Anna Cumming First time Mum


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currently suspended


I help postnatal women restore their core strength to enable a return to more advanced exercise by leading educational and effective pilates classes.  


"Having done the prenatal course and as a long time pilates go-er, I knew there would be benefits of attending postnatal pilates.  I am now more aware of changes to my body and have patience with trying to fix them which has given me more confidence.  I really like how we do different exercises and then do them all on the last week!  Amy is a great teacher, really relatable and like that she relates it to her own experience."

Jennifer Jones

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currently suspended

I am a chartered sports and pelvic health physiotherapist with 20 years experience. 

I have spent the majority of my career in the British Army as a physiotherapist treating sports, training and overuse injuries. 

In the Army there was a heavy focus on exercise based rehabilitation.  I have extensive experience leading group exercise, often having to manage different fitness levels and abilities in the same class. 


Following the birth of my children, I developed an interest in womens health and I now work for the NHS in pelvic health and treat sports injuries privately. 


I have also completed postgraduate training in pilates with a specific focus on antenatal/postnatal fitness and cycling injuries.

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