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Are you pregnant and keen to exercise safely?


Do you find it frustrating when you can’t find clear advice about what you can do at each stage of pregnancy without causing harm to you or your baby?  Googling safe exercise in pregnancy sometimes leads to more confusion so you can end up doing less.  Are you worried that you are already beginning to experience a few aches and pains and you’ve got a long way to go yet?  It’s hard to find the time and energy to plan and commit to an exercise regime when you’re so busy at work and there’s so much to do before your baby arrives.


Would you like to adopt a healthier lifestyle and be as strong and as fit as possible to prepare for birth?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit more energy and experience that “pregnancy glow“ that you’ve read about but are still waiting for?  Are you keen to have protected time each week to prioritise yourself and meet others in a welcoming and friendly class environment?  It would be great to learn which exercises could help you manage or prevent pregnancy related pains and make it easier to do things you used to take for granted like turning over in bed pain free!





How can pilates help?


Attending physio-led pregnancy pilates classes gives you time to enjoy your pregnancy and connect with your baby.  It allows you to focus on yourself and can help with stress and anxiety management by improving your mood and your sleep.  Research has shown that there are many physical benefits from exercising in pregnancy.  For example, it can help prevent diabetes, reduce high blood pressure problems, control weight gain and improve your general fitness.  Your changing posture can cause pregnancy related aches and pains and you may have also developed a sudden interest in your pelvic floor muscles! 


The classes I run include strengthening, mobility and balance exercises with the specific aims of improving posture, reducing strain on the low back and maintaining continence in order to prepare for birth and the physical challenges of dealing with a newborn baby.








Why should you work with me?

With 20 years experience as a physiotherapist and postgraduate training in antenatal and postnatal exercise, my pilates classes are planned with a detailed underlying knowledge of the human body and the changes which occur during pregnancy.  Having experienced pelvic pain during both my pregnancies, I know how scary and annoying it can be, especially when you are trying to get as fit as possible for birth.  I keep in mind the typical pregnancy related pains that I myself and my patients have experienced and plan the classes accordingly to try and reduce or prevent these aches and pains which can have a huge physical and emotional impact on you.



Jennifer Jones

I came to pilates to....

pregnant | woman | exercising

"I came to pilates to develop (or not lose!) strength during pregnancy.  I am sure that the reason I've continued to feel so well and healthy physically is down to this class and the exercises I have learned to do at home.  Some weeks I've come to the class very tired (and in a bad mood) and have left feeling energised.  The classes are all very well planned and well/clearly taught.  

Lots of advice for doing at home.  Amy was great.  Look forward to it every week!" 

Nicole Robertson

I wanted to keep exercising through pregnancy but wasn't sure what I could do... >

pregnant | woman | exercising | smiling

"I have better posture and have managed to keep doing light exercise all the way through my pregnancy.  I have also had good advice on any issues I have had such as swelling, carpal tunnel and how to manage it.  I have felt good throughout pregnancy with minimal issues.  I haven't had any back pain since starting which I think is from improving posture.  The classes are good with a great mixture of exercises."

exercise | pilates | class | pregnant | women

I offer a block of 5 physio-led pregnancy pilates classes. 


You can expect:

  • A different lesson plan each week suitable for your stage of pregnancy.

  • All exercises can be adapted depending how you are feeling that day.

  • All equipment and thick, comfortable mats are provided.

  • A friendly and safe environment where you can meet other local Mums-to-be.

  • Guaranteed 40 minutes of exercise with 15 minutess to discuss any pregnancy related concerns, updates, share stories and allow last min trips to the toilet!


The cost of the course includes:

  • A review of your detailed health questionnaire.

  • A phone call at a time of your choosing to discuss your questionnaire (if required).

  • 5 pregnancy specific pilates classes with time for individual questions.

  • An electronic exercise programme including video or photo images if you are aware that you can’t make one of the sessions in advance. 

£60 for a 5 week block

Would you like to join the class?

currently suspended

Payment information will be given once suitability for the course has been confirmed.

Physiotherapy | pregnant | girl | pain

If you feel you have more specific needs and would like physiotherapy assessment, treatment and advice, speak to your midwife about accessing NHS physiotherapy or contact me to arrange a private appointment.  


You can expect:

  • A detailed specialist physiotherapy assessment.

  • Advice and treatment which may include manual therapy, soft tissue mobilisation or acupuncture.

  • An electronic exercise programme including video or high quality photographs.

  • To be treated in the comfort of your own home (within 5 miles of Dunfermline).

  • All equipment and portable bed will be provided by me.

£60 for a one hour assessment

£35 for 30 min treatment sessions

Would you like to arrange specialist physiotherapy for your pregnancy related pain?

currently suspended

Contact me (Amy) on 07780 872094 or

Payment information will be given on booking.

Forthcoming dates:

Currently suspended due to NHS work commitments

Last updated Sep 2023

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