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Are you keen to get back to exercise after having your baby?

Congratulations!  The hard work is done.  You’ve got through pregnancy and labour and you’re now ready to get back to exercise.  But wait! Is it too early to start?  How do you know if it is safe for you?  Are you concerned about abdominal muscle separation? Who’s going to look after your baby while you exercise?  What if you leak urine?  And where, oh where, are you going to find the time and energy to do it?


Would you like to feel stronger and more energized to help you cope with the demands of life with a newborn? Wouldn’t it be great to do something for yourself and remind yourself that you are a human being in your own right rather than just someone’s Mummy?!  Are you keen to have protected time each week to prioritise yourself and meet others in a welcoming and friendly class environment?  Wouldn’t it be really useful to know for sure that your body is healing as expected and you are doing the right things to protect yourself before returning to your usual exercise regime?

Vaila Hughson

“I came to pilates to increase strength and...

postnatal | woman | exercising | pilates

“I came to pilates to increase strength and get ready to run again.  I now have a much better understanding of my pelvic floor and how to retrain my muscles.  

It’s made me feel great and more confident.  The classes were perfect.  

Thank you to the ladies for helping with my baby.” 

How pilates can help

Attending physio-led postnatal pilates classes gives you time to focus on your recovery post childbirth and can help with stress and anxiety management by improving your mood and your sleep.  Your body has gone through a huge event and needs time and guided exercise to promote healing and recovery.


No matter whether you have had a vaginal delivery or a Caesarean section, your pelvic floor has been under stress throughout your pregnancy and it needs specific attention to restore strength and prevent problems such as incontinence or prolapse.  Your abdominal muscles will be stretched.  We know that up to 100% of women experience some abdominal muscle separation and while this does not automatically lead to problems, postnatal pilates will encourage you to strengthen these key areas and help you get into a regular routine of low impact exercise.


The classes I run include education about pelvic floor problems and abdominal separation, mobility and strengthening exercises and discussion about how and when it is appropriate to return to higher impact exercise after having a baby.  All of this is based on current guidelines.

Bronagh Masterson

I wanted to get back to exercise safely but I was worried about... 

postnatal | woman | theraband | pilates

"I wanted to get back to exercise safely but I was worried about abdominal separation.  I have learnt that I need to strengthen my buttock muscles more.  

I feel more confident about returning to exercise.  I found the class good but quite stressful when my baby was upset.  The volunteers were helpful though!"

Why should you work with me?

With 20 years experience as a physiotherapist and postgraduate training in antenatal and postnatal exercise, my pilates classes are planned with a detailed underlying knowledge of the human body and the changes which have occurred during pregnancy and childbirth. Having tried to get back to high level of fitness after my own pregnancies, I know how hard it can be to find the time amongst the chaos of life with a newborn, let alone finding the energy!  You are very welcome to bring your baby who can lie next to you, stay in their pram or car seat or be looked after by a small team of volunteers from St Leonard’s Church congregation.  Your baby will be in sight at all times and we do not mind noise!

postnatal | pilates | exercise | class

I offer a block of 5 physio-led postnatal pilates classes.  You can expect:

  • A different lesson plan each week which build on what you have learnt and practiced.

  • All exercises can be adapted if you have any injuries. 

  • All equipment and thick, comfortable mats are provided.

  • A friendly and safe environment where you can meet other local Mums.

  • Volunteers from St Leonard’s church congregation to help look after your baby while you exercise.

  • Education regarding safe return to exercise, how to check yourself for abdominal muscle separation, how to know if it is safe to return to higher level exercise.


The cost of the course includes:

  • A review of your detailed health questionnaire.

  • A phone call at a time of your choosing to discuss your questionnaire (if required).

  • 5 pilates classes which get progressively harder.

  • An electronic exercise programme including video or photo images if you are aware that you can’t make one of the sessions in advance.

£50 for a 5 week block

Payment information will be given once suitability for the course has been confirmed.  


Would you like to join the class? currently suspended

postnatal | woman | running

If you are at least three months postnatal and you want to find out if you are fit to return to your old exercise regime or start a new regime, contact me to arrange a private appointment.  You can expect:

  • A detailed specialist physiotherapy assessment based on postnatal return to running guidelines.

  • An electronic exercise programme including video or high quality photographs.

  • Recommendations if you are not yet fit to return to impact exercise which could include physiotherapy treatment, further pilates or other local low impact exercise classes.

  • To be treated in the comfort of your own home (within 5 miles of Dunfermline).

  • All equipment and portable bed will be provided by me.


£40 for 40 min virtual return to exercise assessment and face to face screening (pre-requisite)

£60 for face to face 1.5 hour return to exercise assessment

​£40 for 30 minute physiotherapy sessions

£40 for 1-2-1 30 minute online pilates session 

Payment information will be given once an appointment is booked.  


Would you like to arrange an appointment? currently suspended


Contact me (Amy) on 07780 872094 or

Forthcoming dates:
Currently suspended due to NHS work commitments

Last updated Sep 2023
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